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Pulp Fiction (1994)

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

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Ivan Solyaev

Gottfried Benn portrait for The New Republic magazine


The Damned Being Cast into Hell
Oil on oak, 47 x 32 cm
Residenzgalerie, Salzburg

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Elmgreen & Dragset - Powerles Structures, Fig. 122, 2001

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Isabelle Lutter


Blue Monday (n.d.). Floyd D. Hopper 1909-1984. Oil on board

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Chris Burden - Shoot, 1971

"Performed in 1971 during the height of the Vietnam War, the piece could not be simpler or more radical: Burden called a group of friends into a gallery to watch an assistant shoot him with a .22 rifle. “The bullet went into my arm and went out the other side,” recalls Burden, who essentially treated his body as a sculptural material to be reshaped by the bullet’s passage. “It was really disgusting, and there was a smoking hole in my arm.” The extreme act defined Burden’s career but to some seemed inexplicable, if not entirely deranged. The artist counters that the piece, in fact, was carefully rehearsed to minimize the chance of more serious injury. Cheating death was never the intent, he insists. “I was trying to think about a big fear,” says Burden. “Rather than turn from it, I was trying to face it, to eke something out of it, to doodle it out.”"[W Magazine]